05 Sep 2019

He Has Mental Problems: The Simple Explanation for Trump’s Hurricane Map

    As usual, the media is falling all over itself to explain how Trump said Alabama was a possible target of Hurricane Dorian as it moved north- northwest skirting the country’s eastern seaboard.  As this photo shows, Trump used a black magic marker to extend the hurricane’s path farther

03 Sep 2019

Canadian Middle Class Has Higher Living Standard Than Americans

Here is an old joke about Canadians: How do you tell the difference between a Canadian and an American? The Canadian has free health insurance and does not own a gun. Now, a recent article on Bloomberg says the difference between middle-class Canadians and Americans shows more differences between the

16 Aug 2019

When a Huge Firm Admits It Has No Solution for the Retirement Crisis

      In a short, but illustrative “thought leadership” report from Prudential, the $1.4 trillion in asset insurance and retirement planning firm, three major sources of financial stress were identified as affecting the future financial security of millions of retirees. The report, Preparing for Longevity: Overcoming Financial Wellness Challenges,

14 Aug 2019

It’s Time for That Painful Shanda Discussion

    No other nation has treated the Jews better than the United States.  In turn, Jews have also made major positive contributions to the nation.  Jews have been good citizens and have a high percentage of voter participation than other Americans; 85% versus the national average of 52%, according

12 Aug 2019

Progressive Solutions Can Reduce American’s Financial Stress

      A new survey by Cerulli Associates finds that workers are reporting they have major concerns about their financial futures. This report, sources of Financial Stress by Cerulli, says “a survey of 1,500 401(k) plan participants it conducted in the second quarter of this year (2019) found that

11 Aug 2019

History Tells Black Voters to Consider New Economic Alternatives

      One of the key causes of racial inequality is economic inequality.  To many people seeking to explain the racial inequality that has persisted since the Civil War, the economic argument is often intertwined with discrimination and the need to gain a more powerful political voice in government.

22 Jul 2019

Black Voters Should Re-Examine Clinton’s Presidency

      One of the main criticisms of Afro-Americans voters’ support of progressive Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is that he has criticized the Democrat Party. As a result, political analysts say this has reduced Afro-American voter enthusiasm for Sanders. While it is critical that Afro-Americans and other racial and

08 Jul 2019

Are the Dems Afraid of Winning?

      When any political party takes control, it has tremendous responsibility and power. It also has to promote new people who can work with the new leader to execute policy, foster new relationships and demonstrate they can get things done. This is also very stressful. It is a

01 Jul 2019

The GOP’s Long War Against Women

      Unfortunately, voters have short memories, so it is not surprising that people forget how the Republicans have worked against women’s rights since the 1970s. In their book, The Long Southern Strategy, authors Angie Maxwell and Todd Shields, explain how the Republicans developed a political strategy focused on

25 May 2019

Why the U.S. Political System Is Corrupt and How To Fix It

Here is why the U.S> political system became so corrupt, and how it got a corrupt businessman elected president of the U.S.