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27 Jan 2012

Re-Building Per Capita Incomes Could Take Decades

Today’s news that U.S. economic growth may not exceed 2% this year had an immediate effect on the stock market.  But how long does it take a nation to recover its GDP in a slow growth period? The U.S. economy grew at a less-than-forecast 2.8% in the fourth quarter 2011. 

19 Jan 2012

The Link Between Housing, Spending and Wealth

News that the Federal Reserve is considering a new $1 trillion round of quantitative easing is being accompanied by new data showing the ratio between home equity and disposal income is at a historic low.  This unprecedented ratio is all important in a credit society since it demonstrates that expansion

14 Jan 2012

SEC Fails Investors on Fiduciary Rule

It has been one year since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delivered a report to Congress recommending the adoption of a universal fiduciary standard regulation that would apply to retail advisers and brokers. Now it looks like this long-overdue rule will not even be considered during 2012. The average

12 Jan 2012

Impact of New DOL Fee Disclosures Already Evident

While they will not take effect until April 2012, the first changes from the new DOL disclosures have already emerged, months before the new rules are slated to become effective.

09 Jan 2012

Accepting the “New Normal” in Financial Marketing

 “The U.S. job market is showing signs of a sustained recovery. But the country’s prolonged struggle with unemployment will leave scars that are likely to remain for years, if not generations.” –Ben Casselman, The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 9, 2012 While the prevailing mantra for the upcoming election is “job

31 Dec 2011

What the $2 Verizon Fee Reversal Means to 401(k) Disclosure

“Verizon Wireless bowed to a torrent of criticism on Friday and reversed a day-old plan to impose a $2 bill-paying fee that would have applied to only some customers.” —New York Times, Dec. 30, 2011 If a $2 per month fee can reverse the decision of the nation’s largest cell




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