22 Jul 2020

How Right-Wing Media Training Has Trounced the Dems and Dominated the Media

The right-wing has dominated the media since Reagan and the Democrats have failed to counter this onslaught. The result is that over the past 40 years, right-wing media has propelled the right to take over the Republican Party and enabled alt-right groups to flourish. Why are the Dems so wimpy?.

20 Jul 2020

Virus, Recession, and Dysfunctional Government Devastate Commercial Real Estate Industry

If you haven’t been to a mall recently, you are missing out on witnessing a fundamental change in the retail industry. Stores are closed, and their inventory is off the shelves, especially for more expensive items, or locked behind gates.  For stores that remain open, access is limited, and employees

07 Jul 2020

Why Aren’t There Statues of Benedict Arnold and Robert Hanssen?

While many people are focused on removing the statues of Confederate military leaders, it’s also a good time to ask why they are no statues of other traitors to the U.S, such as Benedict Arnold or the worst spy in modern history, Robert Hanssen. Benedict Arnold, a confidant of George

28 Jun 2020

What’s the Link Between the RJC and Trump’s White Power Groups?

Defenders of Donald Trump have a plethora of excuses about why he does not have any links to white power groups and the alt-right.  Those denials have a hard-core following, but that veneer has been fading rapidly as the economy tanks and protestors march against police shootings. In the latest

06 Jun 2020

Revoking Police Pensions Can Change Abusive Behavior

        Pensions paid to public workers, including police, fire, and teachers, are among the most coveted employment benefits that now exist. Public pensions cover 77% of public employees (state and local) as of 2019. In contrast, only 13% of non-union private-sector workers have pension coverage, according to

05 Jun 2020

Serpico Should Be Required Viewing for All Protestors

Errant, undisciplined cops is a popular movie theme and have been for decades.  But the movies also are often based on reality.  One of the best movies on undisciplined cops is the 1973 movie Serpico, directed by Sydney Lumet, which featured a young Al Pacino as an honest cop in

30 May 2020

The Anti-Semitism Discussion No One Wants to Hear

Organizations that fight new problems with old ideas are destined to fail. And this is what is happening today as major Jewish organizations fight the rise in anti-Semitism in the Trump era. The recent report from the ADL that hate crimes against Jews reached an all-time high in 2019 should

06 May 2020

Dr. Birx Must Resign. She is a Trump Sycophant

Dr. Birx must resign. No respectable medical doctor would sit silently by as dangerous medical advice was communicated to the public. She has no credibility. pic.twitter.com/4ruHCD7ipq — The Progressive Investor (@chuckepstein18) April 24, 2020

08 Apr 2020

How Trump Successfully Manipulated Willing and Greedy Networks

  Trump is widely regarded as a sociopath, who also is a great manipulator. Some of the people he manipulates are unwilling participants, such as the hundreds of contractors and suppliers he stiffed by not paying his bills in full. Other people he manipulated were willing participants who either tried

25 Mar 2020

Remember the DeSantis Campaign Message

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was running against Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum, DeSantis showed his true colors: he adopted the classic Republican message.  In this piece of campaign literature from 2018, DeSantis warns voters:  “Don’t let Michael Bloomberg and George Soros control Florida!” Why would he use Bloomberg and Soros