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12 Feb 2020

Trump’s Pathological Vendettas Against His Critics Have Been Evident For Years

      (A version of this article was posted on this site on June 4, 2016.) Trump’s vicious vendettas against all of his critics are part of his sociopathic pathology. Even worse, it goes back for decades. His public humiliations of the government officials who testified against him in

11 Feb 2020

Monopoly Capitalism Is Here. That’s Good for Corporations; Bad for Consumers

    The recent announcement that T Mobile US Inc.’s takeover of Sprint Corp. has been approved by a New York federal judge means there will be a fundamental change in the U.S. wireless market. It also can mean an end to competitive pricing that benefits average consumers. Even the

10 Feb 2020

Are Adelson’s Huge Contributions to Trump Bad For American Jews?

        The rise of anti-Semitism in the US and the schism between the majority of American Jews, who are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats, and their more politically conservative Orthodox Jews is going to become wider and more polarized thanks to the announcement that 84-year-old billionaire Sheldon Adelson is

08 Feb 2020

When Your Hero is a Traitor

        Many academics and pundits have tried to explain the Trump phenomena as they analyzed the intersections of economic, social, religious, tribal and political reasons, but no one explanation explains how a sociopath rose to the top of an established political party in a democratic system to

01 Feb 2020

The Average Guys Reaction to the Trump Impeachment

          Most media pundits are academics, politicians, ex-politicians, political consultants or other professional hangers-on who dominate the Washington scene. But it’s too bad almost none of these outlets include observations from average Americans, except for those wasted and politically ineffective posts on Facebook and Twitter. Still,

24 Jan 2020

IRS Releases New 2020 Annual Limits on Retirement Contributions

            The IRS has announced its 2020 inflation-adjusted, annual contribution limits on retirement-related accounts and funds for self-employed and workers participating in employer-sponsored plans. Among the most notable changes 2020 are: 401(k) contribution limits are up; traditional IRA contribution limits stay the same; almost all


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