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05 Nov 2019

More Bad News About Income Inequality–Half of Americans Have More Debts Than Assets

          The story of income inequality and wage stagnation is now a core element of the Democratic candidates’ policy platforms, but a new report from the Federal Reserve paints and even more damning description.  In this article from The People’s Policy Project, author  Matt Bruenig found

05 Nov 2019

Carried Interest Helps Explain Jones’ Buttigieg Endorsement

  Nothing smacks of self-interest better than a rich person trying to defend their wealth. Self-interest is as old as human and animal DNA, so it is no surprise that it’s still a paramount concern today. It also is no surprise that self-interest among the very rich plays a role

03 Nov 2019

A Message for Evangelicals: Being Wicked Carries a Heavy Price

        “…and the wicked are destined for the day of evil.” –Proverbs 16:4

26 Oct 2019

More Retirees and Millennials Moving Overseas

        Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong. — Stephen Decatur, U.S. Navy captain, (1779-1820) The United States may always be right, but sometimes people decide they want to watch what is happening

22 Oct 2019

Capitalism is in Trouble, But Few Want to Admit It

One of the key messages of the 2020 election is that capitalism is in trouble and is not working for millions of Americans. From the wealth gap to unchallenged monopolies to wage stagnation, it’s clear that the corporations have taken over the nation. This is what allowed the corrupt Trump

17 Oct 2019

South Florida Real Estate Seeing Big Changes

The South Florida real estate market is being shaped by new immigration, affordability problems, and changes in demographics, which are all affecting new construction and design.  These changes are affecting everything from the construction of new, multi-million-dollar high-rise luxury condominiums to affordable micro-units and co-living arrangements in building with full


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