25 May 2020

The Looting Continues as More COVID Bailout Data Emerges

It has only been about a month, but the data is now emerging about the huge, publicly-traded corporations that received taxpayer bailout funds that may not have to be paid back. These are billion-dollar corporations that often have poor records in terms of their employee relations, environment, customer service records,

12 May 2020

Can Wealthy Jewish Republican Donors Reduce the Number of Anti-Semitic Incidents?

A new report released today from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found that in 2019, the number of Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, increased 12% over 2018, with a disturbing 56% increase in assaults. This report found there were, on average, as many as six antisemitic incidents in the U.S. for every

08 May 2020

Republicans Say: Let the Looting Begin as the Perfect Crime Unfolds Before Our Eyes

    Somewhere inside an office at the Republican National Committee headquarters and in offices of other top Republican pollsters, there are studies showing Trump will lose to Biden in the next election. The poll results are secret, but they are no surprise. Trump is erratic, vindictive, immoral, corrupt, venal,

06 May 2020

How the Virus is Changing Businesses Worldwide. Are You Ready for Change?

A global pandemic.  What does it mean in a global economy? Things are changing fast. There will not be a “normal” in a few weeks as we knew it. The epidemic will change business relationships. And since this site covers the financial services industry, it should impact portfolios and investment

04 May 2020

Investors and Financial Planners Should Not Hope for a Fast Recovery Economist Roubini Says

      If you think the economic recovery prompted by the many effects of the COVID virus will be like past economic recoveries, think again. This is a global event and it has happened at unprecedented speed worldwide. It is a delayed virus and affects people who gather in

10 Apr 2020

Wisconsin Becomes First Republican State To Declare War on Average Citizens

Wisconsin is a Republican stronghold and the primary election this week shows they will do literally anything, including risking the lives of its own citizens to keep power. This is the Republican model for every other state in the union. Publications want to keep power at all c costs and they will do it via vote suppression, gerrymandering, and even risking people’s lives to make it harder and harder for average people to vote. This is Trump’s Republican party and every elected Republican buys into this scenario.

01 Apr 2020

If the Dems Cannot Win in 2020 After the Trump Debacle, the Party is Dead

      “We live in the age of the overworked and the uneducated; the age in which people are so industrious that they become stupid.” –Oscar Wilde, 1891   Whether a huge portion of Americans is suffering from amnesia or stupidity, combined with an under-performing Democrat Party, the net

26 Mar 2020

Trump Moves to Suppress Unemployment Numbers

Trump is not a complicated politician or businessman. He only values good news, even when it is not true.  He is not afraid to lie in order to create “good news.” So, it is not surprising that the Republican governor of Ohio, Mike Dewine, has complied with a Trump administration

13 Mar 2020

As More Wealthy Jews Contribute To Trump, the Number of Anti-Semitic Attacks Increases

Does anyone notice that as many wealthy Jews contribute to Trump, the rate of antisemitic attacks increases? Why would Jews contribute to the Republican Party that encourages or creates discriminatory domestic policies that increase the number of antisemitic attacks? It’s no secret that the largest financial contributor to Trump is

12 Mar 2020

Meet America’s Largest Group of Hypocrites: Evangelical Christians

One of the more inexplicable outcomes of the Trump election is his appeal to observant evangelical Christians. The first question is how people who believe in a strict interpretation of the bible, all of its commandments and Psalms can endorse and follow a presidential administration that is led by a