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10 Sep 2020

Imagine if FDR Said He was Downplaying Pearl Harbor

  Trump said this about the COVID virus:  “I wanted to always play it down,” Trump told Woodward in mid-March 2020, CNN reported. “I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.” So far, 191,00 Americans have died from the COVID virus.  In the Pearl

28 Aug 2020

Roy Cohn Endorses Donald Trump From Hell

  As you’d expect, it is hot and humid here. Some complain it is scorching heat, but frankly, I like it. Sitting around for eternity in the heat has its benefits. You don’t get many visitors. People here, many who you’d know by name, spend most of their time alone,

26 Aug 2020

NBC Owes Americans Reparations for Promoting the Trump Myth in “The Apprentice”

  As the news is breaking that Donald Trump is a tax cheat and failed businessman, it is now essential to examine NBC management’s role in creating and profiting from the myth that Trump was a billionaire businessman and billionaire even when it was apparent that his empire was a

22 Aug 2020

Is Robinhood Taking Aim at Unsophisticated, Novice Investors?

    By definition, reputation and history, trading firms are predatory. Some trading firms seek to get the advantage over other traders, while others seek to get the edge over business competitors and in some cases, even their own customers. So, when a trading firm offers free commissions to retail

12 Aug 2020

Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow’s Long History of Bad Predictions and Deception

  In case you missed it, here was a very revealing interview with Trump’s economic advisor on CNN in which he fumbled about explaining Trump’s incoherent eviction safeguards, as well as how much-unemployed people will be receiving from the Trump administration. Kudlow’s answers are a great example of mumbo-jumbo, lying,

08 Aug 2020

Angry Trump Call With Mega-Donor Adelson Upsets GOP

Looks like the rats may be ready to desert the ship. Donald Trump reportedly had a “contentious” phone call with one of his largest financial donors–Sheldon Adelson–and the call has upset some top Republicans. The reason is that Adelson’s money talks. Worse, the Trump campaign needs Adelson’s big money for


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