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10 Jul 2020

House Dems Have Pathetic Response To Trump’s Delaying Tactics

Since his inauguration three-and-a-half years ago, Trump’s basic political strategy has been to delay, obfuscate, lie, and promote dissension among Americans. But at the same time, the Democrats who control the U.S. House of Representatives (235 to 199) where they have a majority over Republicans, have been accomplices to Trump’s

09 Jul 2020

Will Trump Drop Out of the Election If He Is Forced to Release His Taxes?

If Trump is forced to release his taxes, people will be able to see how he made his money and if he cheated on his New York tax bills. This would hurt Trump’s ego and that is something he is not equipped to handle.

07 Jul 2020

Why Aren’t There Statues of Benedict Arnold and Robert Hanssen?

While many people are focused on removing the statues of Confederate military leaders, it’s also a good time to ask why they are no statues of other traitors to the U.S, such as Benedict Arnold or the worst spy in modern history, Robert Hanssen. Benedict Arnold, a confidant of George

28 Jun 2020

What’s the Link Between the RJC and Trump’s White Power Groups?

Defenders of Donald Trump have a plethora of excuses about why he does not have any links to white power groups and the alt-right.  Those denials have a hard-core following, but that veneer has been fading rapidly as the economy tanks and protestors march against police shootings. In the latest

25 Jun 2020

Time to Declare War on the Carried Interest Tax Loophole

Three of the most predatory and lucrative investment categories that victimize millions of Americans and evade their respective tax responsibilities all have a common denominator: the esoteric tax loophole known as carried interest. Now, it is time to close it. This tax loophole is the most protected in the collected

20 Jun 2020

A Lesson In Cowardice: Dr. Birx Looks At Her Shoes As Trump Gives Dangerous Advice

The Trump debacle has made fools of many people who wanted to have their 15-minutes of fame in the Trump White House. For some, it was for temporary fame. Others wanted the money and perks. Others did it for ego. A few were ideological brethren with Trump’s warped ideology. But


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