17 Jun 2020

How the COVID Virus Bailout Benefitted Wall Street

The huge $ $2 trillion coronavirus relief package enacted April 1, 2020, was the largest bailout bill in US history, but while it provides relief for small business and individuals, particularly lower-income families, it also contained a $500 billion bailout fund that benefits big businesses, including a $170 billion tax

06 May 2020

Find Out How the Health Insurance Lobby Has Defeated Single-Payer Since 1988

This is a great article about the early days of proposing a single-payer health care system by Jessee Jackson in 1988.  It gives some real political context to why the changes to the US health care system have not succeeded due to the health insurance lobby. It points out that

09 Dec 2019

Stunning Statistics on Minority Wealth Disparity and Why Real Change is Needed

  “If average Black family wealth continues to grow at the same pace it has over the past three decades, it would take Black families 228 years to amass the same amount of wealth White families [had in 2013]. That’s just 17 years shorter than the 245-year span of slavery

19 Nov 2019

Obama Goes From “Yes We Can” To “No We Can’t”

      One indicator that the Democratic Party is very tepid about making the needed changes to the current broken political, economic, health care and judicial systems has now come directly from former President Barak Obama. In a Nov. 17, 2019 speech before wealthy donors in Washington DC, Obama

05 Nov 2019

More Bad News About Income Inequality–Half of Americans Have More Debts Than Assets

          The story of income inequality and wage stagnation is now a core element of the Democratic candidates’ policy platforms, but a new report from the Federal Reserve paints and even more damning description.  In this article from The People’s Policy Project, author  Matt Bruenig found

22 Oct 2019

Capitalism is in Trouble, But Few Want to Admit It

One of the key messages of the 2020 election is that capitalism is in trouble and is not working for millions of Americans. From the wealth gap to unchallenged monopolies to wage stagnation, it’s clear that the corporations have taken over the nation. This is what allowed the corrupt Trump

03 Sep 2019

Canadian Middle Class Has Higher Living Standard Than Americans

Here is an old joke about Canadians: How do you tell the difference between a Canadian and an American? The Canadian has free health insurance and does not own a gun. Now, a recent article on Bloomberg says the difference between middle-class Canadians and Americans shows more differences between the

11 Aug 2019

History Tells Black Voters to Consider New Economic Alternatives

      One of the key causes of racial inequality is economic inequality.  To many people seeking to explain the racial inequality that has persisted since the Civil War, the economic argument is often intertwined with discrimination and the need to gain a more powerful political voice in government.