04 May 2020

State Workers’ Pensions Victimized by Corporate Tax Giveaways, New Study Shows

          This is the first of a two-part series on how the combined impact of the COVID virus and corporate giveaways on state unfunded pension liabilities and how it will only make a serious underfunding problem more critical and possibly insurmountable. This may mean that state

10 Apr 2020

The Real Story Behind the Trillion Dollar COVID Bailout

The cover story behind the multi-trillion-dollar COVID bailout is that it will benefit big businesses, the unemployed, and small businesses. But that is not the real story.  This money will largely benefit hedge funds, private equity firms and global corporations, not average Americans or the unemployed. Sure, they will get

04 Mar 2020

The Progressive Message Is Still Very Much Alive After Super Tuesday

      Yesterday’s Super Tuesday election was a big event for Joe Biden, but progressives should not be too disappointed. The reason: Elizabeth Warren has earned 50 delegates so far.  If you add this to Bernie’s 382 delegates, we come up with 432 delegates compared to Biden’s current post-Super

01 Mar 2020

Biden Relies on Obama’s Bad Legacy

      One of the lessons people are supposed to learn from yesterday’s Joe Biden’s primary victory in South Carolina is that his legacy is intertwined with that of Barack Obama. But there is a problem: Aside from being the nation’s first black president, Obama was never a progressive.

06 Jan 2020

Only a Progressive Can Fix America’s Problems

Being a progressive means, you are against special interests, greedy individuals and corporations, polluters and advocates of the superiority of one group over another.

19 Nov 2019

Obama Goes From “Yes We Can” To “No We Can’t”

      One indicator that the Democratic Party is very tepid about making the needed changes to the current broken political, economic, health care and judicial systems has now come directly from former President Barak Obama. In a Nov. 17, 2019 speech before wealthy donors in Washington DC, Obama

22 Oct 2019

Capitalism is in Trouble, But Few Want to Admit It

One of the key messages of the 2020 election is that capitalism is in trouble and is not working for millions of Americans. From the wealth gap to unchallenged monopolies to wage stagnation, it’s clear that the corporations have taken over the nation. This is what allowed the corrupt Trump

30 Jul 2019

Progressives Have the New Ideas in Tonight’s Dem Debate

      This evening’s second Democrat presidential debate will feature the two leading progressive candidates against other more conservative contenders on a range of policy issues. But the progressives–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren–have set the direction for the policies being addressed by the others, especially in the areas of

25 May 2019

Why the U.S. Political System Is Corrupt and How To Fix It

Here is why the U.S> political system became so corrupt, and how it got a corrupt businessman elected president of the U.S.