04 May 2020

State Workers’ Pensions Victimized by Corporate Tax Giveaways, New Study Shows

          This is the first of a two-part series on how the combined impact of the COVID virus and corporate giveaways on state unfunded pension liabilities and how it will only make a serious underfunding problem more critical and possibly insurmountable. This may mean that state

25 Mar 2020

Virus Kills Hopes of Home Ownership and Wealth Creation for Millions

  The current global coronavirus pandemic is impacting all aspects of social, economic and mental health, but it’s also impacting the retirement security of millions of Americans. The reason is that housing, including rental expenses and the level of homeownership, have all been negatively affected by the viruses’ economic impact.

24 Jan 2020

IRS Releases New 2020 Annual Limits on Retirement Contributions

            The IRS has announced its 2020 inflation-adjusted, annual contribution limits on retirement-related accounts and funds for self-employed and workers participating in employer-sponsored plans. Among the most notable changes 2020 are: 401(k) contribution limits are up; traditional IRA contribution limits stay the same; almost all

19 Nov 2019

Millennials Suffer Another Big Blow Towards Building Retirement Wealth

    First, there was significant student debt, then jobs that didn’t pay a living wage,  job insecurity and the rise of the gig economy. The net effect of all these factors is that millennials now say they will be renters for years, some say forever. Even worse,  this will

17 Sep 2019

Time To Bring Political Literacy Into the Workplace

    As they have for decades, Americans are having an increasingly difficult time preparing for retirement. As numerous studies have shown, the American workforce, now neatly divided into Gen Xers, Millennials and Baby Boomers, all say they cannot save enough for retirement. Workers are burdened with student debt, home

16 Aug 2019

When a Huge Firm Admits It Has No Solution for the Retirement Crisis

      In a short, but illustrative “thought leadership” report from Prudential, the $1.4 trillion in asset insurance and retirement planning firm, three major sources of financial stress were identified as affecting the future financial security of millions of retirees. The report, Preparing for Longevity: Overcoming Financial Wellness Challenges,

24 May 2019

Why Retirees Should Be the Best Whistleblowers

      What happens when you are retired and bored with playing cards or golf, and going for coffee, but you have an active mind.  Then, you remember that in your previous professional life, you saw business behavior that was illegal. Maybe you saw suspect transactions or met clients

05 May 2019

The Real Measure of American Prosperity: Retirement Security

        Political commentators and the financial media are breathless over the latest economic numbers showing the lowest jobless rate in 49 years, but there is a big problem:  These are quarterly, short-term numbers, and they do not indicate the financial health of the average American. If they

16 Apr 2019

You Can’t Go Home Again: The False Promise of a Rock Concert in West Palm Beach

        The concert was a success, but the audience had died.   Trying to recapture any piece of your past is a futile activity. We can certainly learn from our pasts, but it cannot be recreated. If you try to recapture any part of your memories, you

04 Apr 2019

New Report Finds More Investors Asking About Fees and Holistic Services

          Advisors have to become more transparent and offer a more inclusive financial and life plan, while investors say they are willing to pay for advice, as long as it is transparent and shows value. Those are some of the results in an April 2019 report