01 Oct 2019

Reasons Why People Like Irrational Trump and Celebrity Fraud     

  Americans love celebrities. They also love celebrity fraud. How else can we explain why Trump’s hard-core Republican “base” continues to support him, despite his near-insane tweets and abysmal record in leadership, legislative success, policy formulation, and implementation. It’s also worth noting that if die-hard Trump supporters really respect their

25 Sep 2019

Financial Journalism’s Failure with the WeWork Business Fantasy

      The financial news media over the past few weeks has been giving inordinate attention to an unfolding corporate saga of a company called WeWork. The coverage focuses on the company’s CEO, a guy with long hair and a T-shirt named Adam Neumann, and its upcoming IPO. His

12 Aug 2019

Progressive Solutions Can Reduce American’s Financial Stress

      A new survey by Cerulli Associates finds that workers are reporting they have major concerns about their financial futures. This report, sources of Financial Stress by Cerulli, says “a survey of 1,500 401(k) plan participants it conducted in the second quarter of this year (2019) found that

11 Aug 2019

History Tells Black Voters to Consider New Economic Alternatives

      One of the key causes of racial inequality is economic inequality.  To many people seeking to explain the racial inequality that has persisted since the Civil War, the economic argument is often intertwined with discrimination and the need to gain a more powerful political voice in government.

30 Jul 2019

Progressives Have the New Ideas in Tonight’s Dem Debate

      This evening’s second Democrat presidential debate will feature the two leading progressive candidates against other more conservative contenders on a range of policy issues. But the progressives–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren–have set the direction for the policies being addressed by the others, especially in the areas of

18 Jul 2019

America’s Biggest Con Man and His Accomplices

      As despicable as he is, Donald Trump is a hybrid product of the American business system. The nation’s business community may find this hard to accept, but Trump is the face of modern American capitalism. His methods may not yet be taught at the nation’s top business