17 Aug 2018

A Win-Win Situation: Linking Progressive Investors with Progressive Financial Advisors

      As the Trump Administration continues to steamroll democratic institutions, accompanied by concerns about the income gap, wage stagnation and economic security continue, financial advisors have a choice: They can continue to provide clients with financial plans based on a no- or small-wage growth scenario, accompanied by admonitions

08 Aug 2018

Retirement News Worth Reading

Retirement and financial security are issues that are not often discussed by the general news media and most politicians (except Progressives), but these are major events affecting people worldwide. In the U.S., here are some retirement-related news events worth noting: Americans Not Saving Enough for Retirement; 40% Have Saved Nothing

07 Nov 2016

Re-Thinking Wealth Management After the 2016 Election

[sgmb id=”2″] It’s taken for granted that an expanding economic pie is good for everyone in the financial planning and investment businesses, but given the current election dichotomy between the haves- and the have-nots, it looks like many people in these businesses are going to be voting against their own