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01 Oct 2019

Reasons Why People Like Irrational Trump and Celebrity Fraud     

  Americans love celebrities. They also love celebrity fraud. How else can we explain why Trump’s hard-core Republican “base” continues to support him, despite his near-insane tweets and abysmal record in leadership, legislative success, policy formulation, and implementation. It’s also worth noting that if die-hard Trump supporters really respect their

25 Sep 2019

Financial Journalism’s Failure with the WeWork Business Fantasy

      The financial news media over the past few weeks has been giving inordinate attention to an unfolding corporate saga of a company called WeWork. The coverage focuses on the company’s CEO, a guy with long hair and a T-shirt named Adam Neumann, and its upcoming IPO. His

17 Sep 2019

Time To Bring Political Literacy Into the Workplace

    As they have for decades, Americans are having an increasingly difficult time preparing for retirement. As numerous studies have shown, the American workforce, now neatly divided into Gen Xers, Millennials and Baby Boomers, all say they cannot save enough for retirement. Workers are burdened with student debt, home

05 Sep 2019

He Has Mental Problems: The Simple Explanation for Trump’s Hurricane Map

    As usual, the media is falling all over itself to explain how Trump said Alabama was a possible target of Hurricane Dorian as it moved north- northwest skirting the country’s eastern seaboard.  As this photo shows, Trump used a black magic marker to extend the hurricane’s path farther

03 Sep 2019

Canadian Middle Class Has Higher Living Standard Than Americans

Here is an old joke about Canadians: How do you tell the difference between a Canadian and an American? The Canadian has free health insurance and does not own a gun. Now, a recent article on Bloomberg says the difference between middle-class Canadians and Americans shows more differences between the


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