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01 Jul 2019

The GOP’s Long War Against Women

      Unfortunately, voters have short memories, so it is not surprising that people forget how the Republicans have worked against women’s rights since the 1970s. In their book, The Long Southern Strategy, authors Angie Maxwell and Todd Shields, explain how the Republicans developed a political strategy focused on

27 Jun 2019

MLK’s Progressive Proposal, Reparations and the Wealth Gap

        No democracy can exist with a wealth gap between the majority of citizens and its most privileged and powerful political layer of citizens. The wealth gap that developed since the administration of Ronald Reagan (1981–1989) now approaches that preceding the Great Depression (1929-1932). At both times,

18 Jun 2019

Washington’s Solution to Corruption: The Investigation Placebo

      Whenever there is a national scandal, assassination, security breach, news of corporate corruption, or financial debacle, the go-to remedy for these societal and economic shocks is to conduct an investigation. This is the government’s typical reaction to events it let happen or did not want to, or

25 May 2019

Why the U.S. Political System Is Corrupt and How To Fix It

Here is why the U.S> political system became so corrupt, and how it got a corrupt businessman elected president of the U.S.

24 May 2019

A Sad Snapshot of U.S. Household Income Distribution

      How bad is the wealth disparity in the U.S.? This chart should help explain it.  

24 May 2019

Why Retirees Should Be the Best Whistleblowers

      What happens when you are retired, bored with playing cards or golf, and going for coffee, but you have an active mind and remember your previous professional life when you had an involved rewarding career. During your decades-long career, you saw some transactions or met clients who


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