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11 Aug 2019

History Tells Black Voters to Consider New Economic Alternatives

      One of the key causes of racial inequality is economic inequality.  To many people seeking to explain the racial inequality that has persisted since the Civil War, the economic argument is often intertwined with discrimination and the need to gain a more powerful political voice in government.

30 Jul 2019

Progressives Have the New Ideas in Tonight’s Dem Debate

      This evening’s second Democrat presidential debate will feature the two leading progressive candidates against other more conservative contenders on a range of policy issues. But the progressives–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren–have set the direction for the policies being addressed by the others, especially in the areas of

23 Jul 2019

Trump’s Mental Health Again Questioned in Claim on Nuking 10 Million People in Afghanistan

      President Trump’s wild claim that he could end the war in Afghanistan in one week, but that he did not want to kill 10 million people, is another disturbing statement from a man who many mental health professionals think has serious clinical problems. At a meeting with

22 Jul 2019

When a Policy Helps Average People, The Elites Call It Socialism

Posted by William L. Bainbridge on Monday, July 22, 2019

22 Jul 2019

Black Voters Should Re-Examine Clinton’s Presidency

      One of the main criticisms of Afro-Americans voters’ support of progressive Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is that he has criticized the Democrat Party. As a result, political analysts say this has reduced Afro-American voter enthusiasm for Sanders. While it is critical that Afro-Americans and other racial and


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