About theprogressiveinvestor.org

This site, theprogressiveinvestor.org was started in 2018 as the continuation of the original site, Mutualfundreform.com, founded in 2008.  Both sites are dedicated to educating investors about the high expenses, bad practices and inherent conflicts-of-interest in the financial services industry that reduce investors’ investment returns significantly over time.  

These bad practices are embedded in many of the nation’s best known investment firms. The abuses continue because these firms have a business model based on the imbalance of financial knowledge. Basically, the less an investor knows, the more opportunity the seller of investment products has over the client.

This asymmetrical information means more profits for financial advisors who put their own interests above their own clients.

The goals of this site is to rectify that imbalance.

This can be done by pairing Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), financial professionals who adhere to a higher ethical code, with clients who have progressive political beliefs. This does not necessarily have to result in investments that pursue a social goal, but one based on transparency, fair play and results that are mutually beneficial financially to both investors and their advisors.

This site seeks to build investing relations based on this foundation.

For more information about how high fees hurt your portfolio, see the book, How 401(k) Fees Destroy Wealth.