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12 Mar 2020

The Future of the Republican Party and the Rise of the Political Class

          If you ever wondered what happens to politicians after they leave elected office and try to find a job in the real world, look no further. Here is a great video of a real live, former Republican elected official who received national attention when she

10 Mar 2020

A Lesson for Journalists on Bad Journalism in a Rare, On-Air Exchange

          One of the basic requirements for any good journalist in mass communications is to ask tough questions or clarify what has been said so it can be understood by a larger audience. But, sadly, many broadcast journalists do not do this. They accept any answer

06 Mar 2020

Good Video on Bernie Sanders’ Older Brother in London

      Bernie Sanders is the real thing.  So is his 84-year-old elder brother, Larry, who lives in Cambridge, England and is an official there in the Green Party. Watch this video for the story.

05 Mar 2020

Progressive Don’t Despair Sanders-Warren and Biden Tied With 596 Delegates Each

        Progressives take note: the Sanders-Warren combined delegate count now is very much alive, and potentially growing with the pending California vote tally. Sanders and Warren have a combined delegate count of 596. This is tied with Biden’s count of 596, according to the Associated Press. For

05 Mar 2020

Warren Still Sounds Like A Progressive, But Why the Drama?

      There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren has a very strong progressive platform.  Yet while her strong positions on curtailing the excesses of Wall Street and pay-to-play Washington, plans to tax wealth and regulate large corporations, remain, the big question is why is she waiting to endorse

04 Mar 2020

Bernie Sets a New Standard on Upcoming Presidential Debates With Biden

Bernie Lets Loose on ‘Corporate Media’ After Super Tuesday Stumble: ‘This Campaign Has Been Compared to the Coronavirus’


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