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04 Mar 2020

The Progressive Message Is Still Very Much Alive After Super Tuesday

      Yesterday’s Super Tuesday election was a big event for Joe Biden, but progressives should not be too disappointed. The reason: Elizabeth Warren has earned 50 delegates so far.  If you add this to Bernie’s 382 delegates, we come up with 432 delegates compared to Biden’s current post-Super

03 Mar 2020

Renters May Be The Key To a Progressive Dem Victory

      By now, everyone should know that many Millenials and their younger age groups do not have the money for a downpayment on a house.  Burdened by student debt, stagnant wages, and jobs that don’t pay much, these voters are mostly living in rental properties. But a new

02 Mar 2020

Biden Supported the Iraq War, But Lied When Asked About It

    Joe Biden lied in the last debate when he said he did not vote to invade Iraq and oust Saddam Hussein. Bernie Sanders opposed this declaration of war against Iraq. Biden’s lies are in this video when he said in 2002 that he voted to invade Iraq. Biden

01 Mar 2020

Biden Relies on Obama’s Bad Legacy

      One of the lessons people are supposed to learn from yesterday’s Joe Biden’s primary victory in South Carolina is that his legacy is intertwined with that of Barack Obama. But there is a problem: Aside from being the nation’s first black president, Obama was never a progressive.

01 Mar 2020

What Would King Solomon Do?

      This is a bad time for US Jews who have to decide on supporting Israel versus supporting a candidate, Bernie Sanders, who will deliver some Jewish values to US citizens. Trump is a corrupt, venal president, but he gets huge financial support from Sheldon Adelson and the

12 Feb 2020

Trump’s Pathological Vendettas Against His Critics Have Been Evident For Years

      (A version of this article was posted on this site on June 4, 2016.) Trump’s vicious vendettas against all of his critics are part of his sociopathic pathology. Even worse, it goes back for decades. His public humiliations of the government officials who testified against him in


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