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02 Dec 2011

Low Fund Costs Predict Better Future Returns

The debate over the benefits of active investment management versus passive investing remains a favorite topic of investors.   Whenever new data emerges to buttress the long-established argument that index funds, which use passive investing, outperform on all measures compared to active-funds, the strategy gains more attention. 

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30 Nov 2011

When Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Raised the Information Ante

On July 28, 2008, then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson held a curious meeting in New York with about a dozen hedge fund managers.  At the time of the meeting, Bear Stearns had already been forced into a fire sale to JP Morgan Chase for $4 a share four months earlier, and

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30 Nov 2011

Why Fee Disclosures Will Be Traumatic for Many 401(k) Plans

April 2012 will be a traumatic time for many 401(k) plans. That’s when 401(k) plans will be forced to disclose the fees they pay to their plan administrators.  For many plans, this will not be easy.  Like a low tide, it will show which plans are well managed and which have

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24 Nov 2011

Top Regulators Examining LIBOR Rate Fixing

Large banks which set one of the institutional investing world’s most important interest rate-setting benchmarks–LIBOR–are being accused of price fixing by some of the largest regulators in the world. In a series of lawsuits filed in 2011, plaintiffs charge that dating back to the start of the current financial crisis

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21 Nov 2011

Volatility Takes Its Toll on Long-Term Investing

Average Annual Total Returns (as of 10-31-2011) YTD Returns at NAV     1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years 15 Years     Standard & Poor’s 500 Composite Index N/A 8.07% 11.41% 0.25% 3.69% 5.77%     DJIA N/A 10.34% 11.80% 2.53% 5.39% 7.04%     NASDAQ N/A 7.06%

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19 Nov 2011

Beware of Misleading Retirement Calculators in 401(k) Plans

By Neil Plein From: Invest N’Retire, July 22, 2011 For the complete article, visit Invest n’Retire Having a retirement calculator should be a good thing. It helps to perform computations and projections that would otherwise be out of reach to the common 401k participant. The intent of calculators are primarily

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