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01 Oct 2012

Find Out How You Can Save Thousands of Dollars in Mutual Fund Fees

      New Department of Labor (DOL) regulations on 401(k) fee and expense disclosure are having a profound impact on the trillion dollar retirement industry.  But these big changes hinge on whether millions of 401(k) investors want to save their own money by getting better informed. And if you do,

10 Sep 2012

Regulation as Innovation

As the mutual fund industry struggles to differentiate itself either through performance, products, strategies or fees, the U.S. Department of Labor has handed the industry a great opportunity to innovate through regulation. That’s a difficult concept for the financial services industry to accept, but regulation has its benefits. The Robber

30 Aug 2012

New DOL Disclosure Regs Raise the Ante in 401(k) Plans

August 30, 2012 is a first big day for the new era of disclosure covering millions of 401(k) investors. That’s the day 401(k) plan sponsors must disclose their plan-level fees and expenses to employees who participate in the company’s 401(k) plan.  These disclosures are part of the historic U.S. Department

08 Jul 2012

The LIBOR Scandal and the Republicans

The developing scandal involving years of price rigging of the London Interbank Offering Rate (LIBOR)  should not be relegated to the financial pages alone.  Instead, it should become a key element to counter the Republican’s incessant push towards deregulation as the most recent large scale example of abuses in the

27 Jun 2012

When Will Homes Become An Appreciating Asset Again?

Recent news that housing prices are beginning to rise after a six-year slump in certain cities, such as San Francisco and Seattle to Miami, makes for good headlines, but it does not mean this is a national event.  Nor does it mean that home prices will appreciate any time soon

01 May 2012

Financial Industry Lobbyists Move to Delay Investor Protections

It is certainly no surprise to readers of this site that the financial services industry ranks as one of the most reactionary in the U.S.  For hundreds of years, it has always been “heads I win, tails you lose” for the individual investor. Now, the group dedicated to pushing through




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