05 May 2020

Yale Economist Shiller Describes Trump’s Mental Problems in Lecture on Behavior Finance in 2011

    Behavioral economics has been described as a “revolution” that has taken over economics over the past three decades. It has been controversial, but it is now regarded as providing a framework for investor behavior. In this Yale lecture from spring 2011, economist Robert Shiller, winner of the 2013

04 Jun 2016

Trump’s Attack of “Mexican” Judge Similar to His Attack on Securities Analyst in 1990

[sgmb id=”2″]   Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s public vindictiveness and pettiness should be well-known to the American public by now. In the most recent episode (and there will be more to come), Trump criticized Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over one of the cases against Trump University and

28 Oct 2015

Setting the Stage for the Political End Times

Issues can be defined as how they are addressed, as well as how they are ignored. Tonight’s second Republican debate will continue to show the Party’s priorities, as well as what issues they choose to avoid.  While taxes, regulation, defense spending and anti-Obama rhetoric are all expected fodder for tonight’s