Author of 401(k) Fee Book to be Interviewed Tuesday, May 7 at 12:30 pm EST on WATR Radio


    The author of “How 401(k) Fees Destroy Wealth and How Investors Can Protect Themselves” will be interviewed by Larry Rifkin on WATR Radio at 12:30 pm, EST, Tuesday, May 7.

    Larry Rifkin, WATR Radio
    Larry Rifkin, WATR Radio

    Rifkin, the host of “Talk of the Town” on WATR Radio (1320 AM)) in Waterbury, Connecticut, will interview author Chuck Epstein about the impact and importance of the recently aired Frontline documentary, “The Retirement Gamble,” which aired April 23, 2013 on PBS.

    The documentary alerted investors about how 401(k) and mutual fund fees erode investor returns, as well as conflict-of-interest issues related to the financial service’s industry lack of adopting a strict fiduciary standard in the sales of mutual funds other financial products.

    “The Frontline documentary is important since it comes at a critical time for millions of American investors who have seen their home equity and portfolio wealth eroded by an industry-created credit crisis and poor market returns,” according to Epstein, author of “How 401(k) Fees Destroy Wealth.”

    “Now, to add to their financial burden, investors have become aware that even their 401(k) plans are not immune from being eroded by unnecessarily high fees and conflicts-of-interest.  This comes at a time when 401(k) plans were supposedly being administered by their employers and paid, expert outside help who were supposedly protecting the best interests of employees,” Epstein said.  “The reality is that many 401(k) plans are not being protected and this has jeopardized the retirement financial security of millions of Americans.”

    The book, “How 401(k) Fees Destroy Wealth and What Investors Can do To Protect Themselves,” is available on Amazon for $15.95 and Kindle for $9.95.  It is 259 pages, with six charts, a glossary and over 250 footnotes.  ISBN 978-1477657997


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    Chuck Epstein has managed marketing communications and public relations departments for major global financial institutions and participated in the launch of industry-changing financial products. He also has written by-lined articles for over 50 publications, five books and served as editor and publisher of nation’s first newsletter on the topic of using the PC for personal investing and trading. (“Investing Online, 1994-1999). He also is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on topics related to investor protection and opportunities in the very dynamic cannabis industry. He has held senior-level marketing, PR and communications positions at the New York Futures Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Lind-Waldock, Zacks Investment Research, Russell Investments and Principal Financial. He has won national awards from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) and his web site,, was named best small blog in 2009 by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).


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