28 Aug 2020

Roy Cohn Endorses Donald Trump From Hell

  As you’d expect, it is hot and humid here. Some complain it is scorching heat, but frankly, I like it. Sitting around for eternity in the heat has its benefits. You don’t get many visitors. People here, many who you’d know by name, spend most of their time alone,

26 Aug 2020

NBC Owes Americans Reparations for Promoting the Trump Myth in “The Apprentice”

  As the news is breaking that Donald Trump is a tax cheat and failed businessman, it is now essential to examine NBC management’s role in creating and profiting from the myth that Trump was a billionaire businessman and billionaire even when it was apparent that his empire was a

10 Jul 2020

House Dems Have Pathetic Response To Trump’s Delaying Tactics

Since his inauguration three-and-a-half years ago, Trump’s basic political strategy has been to delay, obfuscate, lie, and promote dissension among Americans. But at the same time, the Democrats who control the U.S. House of Representatives (235 to 199) where they have a majority over Republicans, have been accomplices to Trump’s

08 May 2020

Republicans Say: Let the Looting Begin as the Perfect Crime Unfolds Before Our Eyes

    Somewhere inside an office at the Republican National Committee headquarters and in offices of other top Republican pollsters, there are studies showing Trump will lose to Biden in the next election. The poll results are secret, but they are no surprise. Trump is erratic, vindictive, immoral, corrupt, venal,

07 May 2020

Trump’s Conflicts of Interest Continue to Expand Unchecked

The Trump administration is the poster child of self-serving deals. From giving tax breaks that benefit his own companies to appointing his family to top government posts when they are not qualified to spending  $30 million for golf trips to his various properties, Trump is continuing the same scams and