24 Oct 2016

Trump’s Great Economic Thinkers Aren’t So Great

[sgmb id=”2″] Like their fearless leader, it looks like the 13 all male economic advisors named by Donald Trump in August have failed to make the grade, at least as far as some major independent economists are concerned. In numerous reports released by financial experts across the political spectrum after the

28 Apr 2016

More Bad News for Wealth Managers: Neoliberalism is Destroying Your Client Base

Like the citizens of Garrison Keillor’s mythical city in Minnesota, Lake Wobegone, where 90% of the residents are in the top half of the class, 90% of today’s wealth managers continue of their quest to find the top 10% of the wealthiest Americans. It’s a tough search and by all

01 Oct 2015

Are Republicans Finishing What Bin Laden Started?

While it’s not politically correct, here is something for political pundits to ponder: Are the Republicans trying to finish what bin Laden started? In a 2004 video message, Osama bin Laden boasted about leading America to a path of self-destruction, in an interview with Ted Koppel, the former managing editor