Celebrate Capitalism With These 3 Vintage Trading Posters


Celebrate Capitalism With These 3 Posters

Celebrate Capitalism—-Vintage Set of 3 Futures Trading Posters. They measure 24″ x 18″ and cost $135 for three or $45 each, plus postage to your location.

See the posters below.

If ordering individually, specify which one you want. The condition is “New.” It is shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Each poster is from the set of three classic posters: the Moscow, Peking, and Havana futures exchange.

The posters are printed on high-quality glossy stock and are high-resolution quality photos. They are ideal for framing in an office or trading room.

Get them all at $135 for the set of 3, or $45 each.

They make a great addition to any stock, FOREX, futures, crypto, or day trading room.

When ordering individually, specify which poster you want.

Order the posters on eBay.

Or by contacting epstein.chuck@gmail.com

Payment is in US dollars: No Bitcoin or rubles.




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