Does the Republican Jewish Coalition Want to be the Banker of the Christian Nationalists?



The Republican Jewish Coalition and its Self-Serving Agenda

At its recent annual conference in Las Vegas, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) hosted current Republican presidential candidates, most of whom are blind supporters of the indicted and convicted criminal Donald Trump and his right-wing MAGA agenda.

Republican and Democrat presidential candidates flock to conferences featuring large donors in the hope of gaining access to their treasure check of money. But smart donors must know who they are dealing with and whether they can keep their promises or even whether they are sociopaths who will say anything to get the money. The RJC may have been tricked before, or not, when they gave huge sums to Trump.

Elitists, like the RJC, who support extreme political groups are not unusual in Jewish history. Indeed, Trump and Israeli Premier Netanyahu share many of the same sociopathic traits.

During the 1930s, there was even a very small group of Jews who supported Mussolini. and even Hitler, before their full fascist intentions were known.

  • In Germany, “The Association of German National Jews (German: Verband nationaldeutscher Juden), colloquially known as the Jews for Hitler, was a German Jewish organization during the Weimar Republic and the early years of Nazi Germany that eventually came out in support of Adolf Hitler. The organization was founded by Max Naumann, who was sent to a concentration camp after the rise of Hitler,” according to
  • In Italy, “Ettore Ovazza (March 21, 1892 – October 11, 1943) was an Italian Jewish banker. He was an early financer of Benito Mussolini, of whom he was a personal friend, and Italian fascism, which he supported until the Italian racial laws of 1938.  He founded the journal La nostra bandiera.  Believing that his position would be restored after the war, Ovazza stayed on after the Germans marched into Italy.  Together with his wife and children, shortly after the Fall of Fascism and Mussolini’s government during World War II, he was executed near the Swiss border by SS troops in 1943,” according to

But, these were isolated cases done by influential Jews who supported fascists because they thought they would benefit their businesses or that they would develop a special relationship with fascists that would make them invisible.  This never happened.

But it’s worth remembering that the late-Sheldon Adelson of the RJC was the largest single financial donor to Trump, even after it became known that Trump was entertaining white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Miriam Adelson, the widow of Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson and a major RJC benefactor, may be more critical in her donations than her late husband. So far, she has endorsed any of these extreme candidates. Miriam Adelson may even realize that President Biden is a bigger supporter of Israel than any of her Republican suitors.

DeSantis campaign flyer citing Soros, the Jewish philanthropist

Maybe the RCJ should read some history books. Desantis, Trump, and others have regularly attacked the leftist philanthropist George Soros as a symbol of international leftist Jewry.  DeSantis used Soros’ name in his campaign literature.  (See photo.)

Does the RJC Want to be the Banker of the Christian Nationalists?

Maybe the RJC wants to be the banker of the Christian nationalists and the Evangelicals. The problem is that the orthodox Evangelicals, relying on Fundamentalist and Evangelical theology, believe the formation of the state of Israel, the Gaza War, and other world events are precursors to the Second Coming.

For Evangelicals especially, the formation of Israel in 1948 was “the event of the century.  As one dispensationalist author excitedly wrote shortly afterward, “there isn’t the slightest doubt that the emergence of the Nation Israel among the family of nations is the greatest piece of prophetic news that we have had in the twentieth century.”

But that is bad news for the Jews.

The Second Coming, as defined in Catholic Rapture theology ( aka premillennial dispensationalism), will be preceded by the Rapture and has an elaborate set of steps that must be met before the appearance of the Messiah.  The Rapture is defined as “a secret and silent removal of Christians from earth—not to be confused with the Second Coming.”

The RJC should read what’s below regarding the Second Coming, an essential idea for Evangelicals. They should read this before they write any big checks to their Christian nationalist Republican candidates, so they can see what they are supporting:

“At the end of the age, God would again make Israel the center of his concern.  Daniel’s seventieth week would begin, leading up to the coming of Messiah and the setting up of the long-promised kingdom. . . .

After the partial re-gathering of the Jews in Palestine and the re-establishment of the state of Israel would come the ill-fated pact with the Antichrist, betrayal at his hands, immense suffering for those Jews who accepted Jesus as Messiah before his coming, and the final invasion by hordes of Gentile armies. . . .

When the Gentile powers had the Jews close to total annihilation, Jesus Christ would return to earth, slaughter Antichrist’s armies, and finally establish the kingdom that he had originally offered to the Jews at his first advent.  After witnessing his majestic display of power, the Jews would acknowledge Messiah Jesus and once again bask in the blessings of God.” Source: Catholic Answers.

Can the RJC Navigate During Complex Times?

The RJC is publicly focused on Israel. The RJC obviously ignores the social issues their MAGA candidates support since they are diametrically opposed by the 80% of American Jews who are Democrats and embrace their liberal values, such as abortion rights, anti-discrimination, voter access, environmentalism, and strong social safety nets of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

All of these are opposed by the MAGA Republican candidates. By supporting these MAGA candidates, the RJC implicitly favors preferential tax treatment for the wealthy and opposes regulation. 

And since the RJC supported Trump, who helped unleash anti-Semitic attacks through his support of right-wing groups, they are now wringing their hands over the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. and worldwide.

Prior to the start of the war in Gaza, Israel’s mobilization for the invasion, and the subsequent bombings in Gaza, anti-Semitic attacks were mainly the result of home-grown right-wing groups that took their cues from Trump and his allies, Steve Bannon, Kanye West, right-wing provocateur Nick Fuentes, Tucker Carlson, and Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. 

Israel’s invasion of Gaza has unleashed a new wave of global anti-Semitism, that exceeds that of Nazi German. This is something the RJC cannot address, especially since they financed the first stage of domestic anti-Semitism by Adelson’s huge political donation, and the subsequent fawning over Trump and his misguided, sociopathic vision of America.

There is no sign that the RJC has learned from its past mistakes. Now, they are a more emboldened group of elitists who think they can have some influence over the devil they unleashed in the first place. They are pathetically wrong.

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