Bring Order Back To Washington DC: Get Andy Sipowicz and Stormy Daniels

She can keep America safe

Face it, the US Congress, the protection of the US Capitol building, and other historic federal structures were vandalized and jeopardized by the Tea Party Republicans, white supremacists, and Trump.

The US spends $49.8 billion annually on Homeland Security. The domestic intelligence agencies spend millions more, but we don’t know because many of these allotments are secret.

But anyone with a TV set knows that the thousands of cops, undercover agents, National Guardsmen, and other DC police forces were all asleep yesterday when the Trump mob broke into the US Capitol.

We need law and order.

We need people who can prevent the Capitol from being vandalized. Forget Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Wray, and the others who spend hours testifying in Congress.

We need results.

We need someone who can keep Trump mentally focused.  We need Stormy Daniels. Only she has the talent to keep Trump occupied and sedated. That’s why Trump paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We have the signed check to prove it. She is an expert in her field.

To protect the Capitol, we need the Untouchables, Barney Fife, and the Keystone Cops.


The DC police force and the $50 billion allotted to Homeland Security are being spent on salaries and doughnuts. The American people need more.

Bring in the experts.  Andy Sipowicz,  Lennie Briscoe, Olivia Benson, Adam Schiff, and Jack McCoy to prosecute.  Even the cop family from Blue Bloods would do a better job.

We need experts from overseas. We need British cops because they are used to working in the fog. We need Father Brown and Inspector Allen. British cops don’t even carry guns, but they still fight criminals.

Americans must admit that the billions spent on security are being wasted. Defund the intelligence agencies and replace them with German Shepherds. It’s better to adopt a dog that can growl than spend billions on guys in military battle fatigues who stand around.

We never saw this happening below when the Trump right-wingers broke into the capitol.  Instead, we saw cops running away or posing for selfies with vandals.

In short, we need new experts. We need Robert Stack.

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