Page From the Muller Report Found In Virginia





This is a copy of a document, believed to be original, found in a parking lot outside of a Sonics in suburban Alexandria, Virginia, near the special Naval Intelligence Agency. The document was written on the letterhead of the U.S. Special Counsel and was wrapped around a handful of used napkins. A careful analysis of the paper by the Washington Post confirmed it was the same paper used by the Justice Department as per a special requisition for heavyweight bond 40# smudge-proof laser paper only available from Staples. Here is a copy of that page that is being seen here for the first time by the public.

…. as seen  in Kiev.   It was further found, among the many other crimes committed by xxxxx xxx xxxx II, and xxxxxxxx Jr., and xxxxxxx Gambino, a cousin of xxxxxxx Trump, and xxxxxxx Corleone, all of Manhattan and Bayonne, New Jersey. These individuals, acting in unison and in a premeditated act, then met on the 33rd Floor of Trump Tower to discuss xxxxx, xxxxx voting machines, xxxxxx, a new farfel recipe, xxxxxx types of white fish, xxxxxx at 350 degrees for six hours. The group then exited this office and went to the 22rd floor where they met with Ukrainian xxxxxx xxxxx, a fan of the Three Stooges, xxxx xxxx of Finland, xxxxxx of Lapland and xxxx xxxx Samoa. They then discussed the upcoming U.S. election and how it could be tilted using xxxxxxx sex with monkeys, and xxxxx old outtakes from Green Acres with Za Za Gabor. The group also agreed that William P. Barr XXXX would meet with XXXXX for a bagful of cash and tamales.

The investigation also found that xxxxx Trump, xxxxxx Trump, xxxx Trump Jr. and xxxxxx Trump did conspire, receive altered documents and requested money for protection from XXXX, xxxx, xxxxxx and all individuals listed in the first 175 pages of the Manhattan White Pages, as well as patrons of the XXXXX, New Jersey Pet Smart.

At the conclusion of stage 112 of the this Special Counsel’s 890 section investigation, we find that Individual 1, in co-ordination with xxxxx Stone, the Rockettes and Milli Vanilli violated Sections 1 -311 of the U.S Penal Code, the Culinary Institute of America, and the Portable Sanitation Association International.

At this point, this page from the Muller Report is stained and water-logged beyond recognition. Yet even this fragment shows the extent of the crimes committed and the lengths that the entire XXXXXX and the Republican Party will go to to avoid any connection with xxxxxxxxx.

This is what redaction looks like (almost, if I can figure out how to make black blocks in Word, but you get the idea.)  Redaction, as used in the Muller Report, is used by people who have much to hide from the American people. It is used by countries that do not believe in democracy.


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