Will Trump Drop Out of the Election If He Is Forced to Release His Taxes?

Honoré de Balzac
Behind every great fortune is a crime.
—Honore DeBalzac

Today’s Supreme Court ruling that said a New York prosecutor could see the tax filings from Trump’s private and business financial records has some major election implications

First, if and when the lower courts rule on determining the value of releasing Trump’s financial records to the House Democrats, Trump will be faced with a major embarrassment.  The tax filings will show that Trump is not the billionaire he claims to be.

Worse, it could also show how and when he got his money. Then, there are the comparisons between what he claimed on his New York state taxes versus what he claimed as expenses and depreciation on his New York properties.  Accounting experts have claimed he easily could have manipulated the depreciation amounts in order to pay less in property taxes.

So, if his tax records have the possibility of being publicly released during a second Trump term (what a disgusting thought, but a possibility), Trump would be revealed as a major con artist to most Americans who believe the media.

Trump’s Ego Can Not Stand the Truth

This would devastate Trump’s fragile ego. The world would see he is a fraud.  Is that the global disgrace something Trump could tolerate? Probably not. He is not mentally equipped for public ridicule.

As it is, Trump is the first president since the 1970s to seek the presidency and then re-election without making public his personal federal income tax returns, according to the SABEW web site. “This unwelcome break in a decades-long tradition is damaging to the public’s right to know and it creates a dangerous precedent for future candidates who are persons of substantial private wealth,” the site said.

But this is not unexpected. Most Americans know the richest Americans control the government through their lobbyists and paid politicians.  Trump is the product of that corrupt system and a reality TV New York culture. The only difference is that Trump has always been a posier, a wannabe billionaire, and a man who made his money the old fashioned way.  That is his dream.  But he did make his money the old fashioned way; he stole it.

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