A Lesson In Cowardice: Dr. Birx Looks At Her Shoes As Trump Gives Dangerous Advice


The Trump debacle has made fools of many people who wanted to have their 15-minutes of fame in the Trump White House.

For some, it was for temporary fame. Others wanted the money and perks. Others did it for ego. A few were ideological brethren with Trump’s warped ideology.

But for professionals who had to listen and take orders from Trump and his enablers, working in the White House was a make-or-break decision.  Some people resigned rather than go along with the derailing of America, or else they disagree with Trump’s weird or discriminatory policies.

But watching Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus response, is painful as she looks at her shoes as Trump rattles on about some medieval medical treatment to eradicate the COVID virus from the human body either through injecting bleach of light therapy,

As a physician, did Dr, Birx have an obligation to correct Trump as he recommended potentially dangerous and unproven witch doctor therapies? Or, should she have stood up and corrected Trump or just left the stage?

These are moments that can make or break a person’s reputation. Unfortunately, her silence and inaction, during this press briefing and afterward, shows how reputations can be destroyed in under a minute.



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