A Pox on Both Your Houses: Biden and Trump Are Products of Corrupt Organizations



Democracy is touted as being transparent, but as the Trump and Biden contests show, both candidates are products of corrupt, inbred organizations that rely on unquestioning loyalty, pliant, highly-paid liars, and power-hungry media and courts that openly bestow vast latitude to rich, white men.

Example: Trump is the product of a corrupt Manhattan society.  Trump is the product of tabloid newspapers and cable networks looking for the loudmouth, wild, wealthy playboy who displayed mental problems and sexual predator actions for decades before he entered politics.

His association with the despicable lawyer Roy Cohn told him to disregard and disrespect courts just as any mobster would do if he had the cash to pay pliant, unethical lawyers.  All he had to do was use his inheritance and whatever new money he could generate to spend on lawyers. He continued to mislead lenders who were willing to be misled as long as it generated bank profit and a bonus.

Biden is a different story.  He is an honest politician who is central to the opaque Democratic machine.  As pundits have said, Biden should have been the presidential candidate instead of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Still, the DNC leaders, whoever they are, succumbed to the Obama and Bill Clinton factions to push Hillary as a candidate.  They knew Biden’s age meant two things: he would be a good candidate in 2016 when he was about 74 but a less attractive candidate in 2020 when he was 78.

Then, when he was elected, the DNC chose a wimpy, inarticulate Kamala Harris as VP but neglected to make her a front person who could be the more energetic partner in contrast to Biden’s apparent frailty.  Harris was a terrible choice, and she never emerged from the shadows.  Her husband, Douglas Emhoff, the “first husband, has a more forceful personal presence when he is lighting the Hanukah candles at the White House than his wife when she has control of the podium to deliver a policy speech.

Now, the behind-the-scenes DNC leadership has boxed itself into a disastrous choice.  Give up their power and control over the inner workings of the DNC if they dump Biden in favor of younger new political names or back a very unpopular, frail man.

The pox on both houses—the opaque power-hungry DNC and the corrupt Manhattan society that produced the despicable Trump—are the products of very wealthy people who comprise the levers of a greedy American society.

In this unfolding drama, all Americans lose.  The average citizen in the current political process is either used for donations or to attend Trump’s campaign circus rallies.  We have no input into candidate selection since the conventions are orchestrated and run by a tome of parliamentary rules.

Either way, the idea that the best man or woman wins will not result from presidential elections.

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Chuck Epstein has managed marketing communications and public relations departments for major global financial institutions and participated in the launch of industry-changing financial products. He also has written by-lined articles for over 50 publications, five books and served as editor and publisher of nation’s first newsletter on the topic of using the PC for personal investing and trading. (“Investing Online, 1994-1999). He also is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on topics related to investor protection and opportunities in the very dynamic cannabis industry. He has held senior-level marketing, PR and communications positions at the New York Futures Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Lind-Waldock, Zacks Investment Research, Russell Investments and Principal Financial. He has won national awards from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) and his web site, www.mutualfundreform.com, was named best small blog in 2009 by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).


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