07 Apr 2016

Historic Pro-Investor Fiduciary Regulations Now Under Attack From Trump Administration

[sgmb id=”2″] The Trump Administration has announced that it will seek to reverse the U.S. Department of Labor’s historic announcement that millions of investors will finally be able to receive objective, unbiased information about their investment choices. This attack on the fiduciary standard also is being abetted by the most

15 Mar 2016

If You Thought Fund Expenses Don’t Matter, Think Again

Fund expenses are the only thing an investor can control. They cannot control market volatility, political disputes, oil production, Fed interest rate policy or the decisions made by public companies. But they have total control over their fund expenses and these represent money that goes directly to any investor’s bottom

28 Feb 2016

Re-examining Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is the Republican mantra today, but it has a long history of failure, especially in the financial services industry. As events have shown, price manipulations and outright fraud have been part of the daily business practices at some of the world’s largest banks and investment firms. This helps explain

09 Feb 2016

Sanders’ Claim That The “The business model of Wall Street is fraud” Goes Unchallenged by Wall Street

        “The business model of Wall Street is fraud.” Or, to put it another way, “The business model of Wall Street is conflict-of-interests.” By far, the most pointed statement made so far in the 2016 presidential campaign (at least, as far as the financial services industry is

30 Dec 2015

Hedge Funds Push Conservative Candidates to Maintain Their Edge

When you are a master of the universe, you have to make sure your place on earth is secure. That’s why the nation’s largest hedge funds have been pushing the odds, gaming the system, working to get the edge and hedging their bets to get the most bang for their

28 Dec 2015

“The Big Short” Gives the GOP Another Reason to Hate Hollywood

One of this holiday season’s biggest and most timely movie hits is “The Big Short,” an unusual film about one of the most esoteric financial topics ever to be presented to a mass audience on the big screen. There are no car chases, shots of cleavage or explosions in the

23 Dec 2015

What the Scorpion, the Frog and JP Morgan Have in Common

An old tale tells the story about a scorpion who wanted to cross a river. Unable to swim, the scorpion asks a frog, who was sitting on a nearby rock, if he could ferry him across the river on his back. “I would do that for you, but how do

16 Dec 2015

Senate’s 2015 Omnibus Spending Bill Works Against Individual Investors

The near decade-long battle against adopting the fiduciary standard has been politicized from the start, butyesterday’s passage of the Senate’s Omnibus 2015 $1.1 trillion spending bill delivered  a huge package of tax breaks, as well as  a provision that barred the SEC from forcing financial companies from disclosing their political

01 Dec 2015

Trump Thuggery Against Securities Analyst in 1990 Foreshadowed the 2000 Tech Crash

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been called many things based on his public and private behavior against fellow Republicans, Syrian refugees, John McCain, the disabled and some women, but we have to thank him for an almost forgotten episode in financial history which has inadvertently shed some light on

05 Nov 2015

The Investment Company Institute Again Betrays Individual Investors

The leading trade association of the $16 trillion in assets (as of year-end 2014) mutual fund industry has again shown its distain for individual mutual fund shareholders. In a recent letter to Congressional committee, the president of the Investment Company Institute (ICI), the mutual fund industry’s leading lobbying group, went