14 Jun 2018

Mutualfundreform.com is now Theprogressiveinvestor.org

      Since it was created in 2011, Mutualfundreform.com has sought to educate investors and future retirees about the ways to secure a more financially stable retirement.  Now, something is happening that can increase your odds of having a more financially stable retirement. That is the start of a

03 May 2016

The DEA’s Use of Bad Science to Discredit Medical Cannabis

When science is used for political purposes it results in some very distorted and dangerous results that serve a specific point of view at the expense of the rigorous standards mandated by the scientific method. History has numerous examples of scientists who have twisted, concealed or fabricated scientific studies to

04 Feb 2016

Will Cannabis Become the First Brand-Free Industry?

It’s no secret that every aspiring entrepreneur focuses on building a brand.  For certain industries, this is a valid pursuit. But for the emerging cannabis industry, devoting excessive resources in time and money to build a brand may be a mistake. The reasons: Cannabis is a perishable, crop-by-crop product, and

19 Sep 2015

The Propaganda Wars Against Marijuana, Global Warming and the Dangers of Smoking

In a democracy with so many forms of open communication and social media, it would not seem possible that propaganda would have a major role in shaping public opinion and government policy today. Yet despite all of the supposed sophistication among a population inundated with all forms of information and

30 Jul 2015

The Cannabis Industry Should Become the Newest Gem in Social Investing

If your cannabis company is considering going public or formally looking to attract institutional and retail investors, you should consider a marketing approach based on social investing. This is because socially responsible investing (SRI) is a distinct and proven sector in the investing world that attracts individual and institutional investors

29 Jun 2014

Food Trade Associations Missing Biggest Marketing Opportunity of the Century: The Legalization of Marijuana

Students of history know that the most powerful idea is one whose time has come.  And that is why some of the nation’s largest food trade associations have entirely missed the boat on an emerging trend which has huge profitability written all over it. The vast opportunity, the equivalent of