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Since this website was created in 2011, has sought to educate investors and future retirees about securing a more financially stable retirement.  Now, something is happening that can increase your odds of having a more financially stable retirement. That is the start of a progressive political caucus that can address various issues, including greater investor protections and other policies that can contribute to a better retirement for all Americans.

This is the progressive movement. And to help push this along on the financial and investment sides of the economy, this site––will continue to follow its mission since 2011 to educate individual investors, but it will also allow you to pair with investment professionals, fund companies, attorneys and money management firms that follow the fiduciary standard, offer transparency, low fees and concerns about social issues ahead of other business practices that victimize customers or border on legal violations.

Building on Our Past

This site was one of the first to alarm Americans about retirement crises. Most average Americans do not have enough to retire, and most don’t know about the everyday financial practices that will decrease their retirement accounts. This site was one of the first to note the detrimental impact of 30 years of stagnant wage growth on retirement funding, why housing wealth is critical to building a financially secure retirement, and how fees are often hidden in 401(k)s and all individual investments erode that erode an investor’s net return.

This site was one of the first to advocate openly for the Department of Labor’s fiduciary standard. We explained why the investment industry has spent millions of dollars lobbying to kill it and how it would mean open season on individual investors.


This site noted the inherent conflicts of interest between brokers selling investment products and why unsophisticated investors were their best customers.

We showed that neoliberal economic policies, including privatization, hide material facts from investors and that hidden fees in 401(k) plans mean employers are working against the interests of their employees.

We showed the links between harmful regulations, bad politics, and lobbying, their devastating impact on average Americans, and how they hurt the American Dream for millions.

These links between the financial industry’s “profits at any costs” policies and the harm caused to unsophisticated investors have been a significant theme in

We are taking it further to expand on these themes working against individual investors today. We are doing this by rebranding into and

Advocating for Progressive Financial Professionals and Investors

The new site,, will continue to advocate for fair disclosure and will work to connect pro-client financial investment professionals with individual investors who believe in politically progressive values and want to be treated according to the fiduciary standard.

The site will accept paid ads from financial and investment professionals, including Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), investment companies, mutual funds, pro-investor attorneys, and companies searching for progressive investors in new sectors, such as the cannabis industry, as well as socially responsible mutual funds and ETFs. The tabs on the main home page provide more information about listings, including prices.

In short, will connect smart, politically educated, astute investors with competent, fair-minded investment professionals.

This is more important than ever since entitlement programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and 401(k)s, are under continued attack from politicians and sloppy plan sponsors who are not advocating for reducing fees and expanding offerings in their retirement programs.

Visit for more information about having your firm listed on the site. We also welcome your story suggestions.

If you are an RIA or financial services firm looking to find like-minded clients, consider advertising on this site. The ads can list your pro-investor business case. The listing information is available on the front page of this site. You can access it by clicking on the Business Listings and Submit Listing tabs.

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Chuck Epstein has managed marketing communications and public relations departments for major global financial institutions and participated in the launch of industry-changing financial products. He also has written by-lined articles for over 50 publications, five books and served as editor and publisher of nation’s first newsletter on the topic of using the PC for personal investing and trading. (“Investing Online, 1994-1999). He also is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on topics related to investor protection and opportunities in the very dynamic cannabis industry. He has held senior-level marketing, PR and communications positions at the New York Futures Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Lind-Waldock, Zacks Investment Research, Russell Investments and Principal Financial. He has won national awards from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) and his web site,, was named best small blog in 2009 by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).


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