He Has Mental Problems: The Simple Explanation for Trump’s Hurricane Map




As usual, the media is falling all over itself to explain how Trump said Alabama was a possible target of Hurricane Dorian as it moved north-northwest, skirting the country’s eastern seaboard. 

As this photo shows, Trump used a black magic marker to extend the hurricane’s path farther west and near the Gulf of Mexico, including the Alabama coast.  Almost immediately, the National Weather Service, which employs natural scientists, some of whom believe in climate change, contradicted Trump and said Alabama was never included in its original projections of where the hurricane would hit.

As he has in the past, Trump bumbled for an answer to his mistake and then compounded it by fabricating more lies.

That is the simple story.

The media, however, as it has since Trump was inaugurated, has failed to admit that Trump has mental problems. This would explain this whole event in simple terms. However, cognitive issues are challenging to diagnose. And since he has paid off doctors and former employees who cannot discuss his condition, legitimate mental health professionals cannot diagnose him unless they conduct face-to-face clinical sessions.

Still, the media is not bound by those medical ethics.

But the court of public opinion believes otherwise. The average American can see Trump is mentally deficient, but the media spends hours discussing:

  • What he said.
  • What he meant to say.
  • What they thought he said.
  • What they wished he would say.
  • What he said like this in the past.
  • What his inane statements may mean.
  • Why do they think he said it?
  • How his inane statements fuel his “base.”

What the media never says is that Trump has mental problems.

He probably had these problems his entire adult life. But if the media said Trump has mental issues, it would cut hours per day from their programming model of speculation and endless discussions about the bullet points listed above. This would render the entire broadcasting model of CNBC and CNN obsolete.

If the media stopped covering Trump’s blatant examples of nonsensical and intentionally misleading public pronouncements, the nation would still know that Trump is bumbling around the White House with his unquestioning Republican entourage.  That is old news, but it is replayed every hour as if it belonged on a legitimate news network. Even worse, the networks label many of Trump’s foolish statements as “Breaking News.”

Trump’s poor mental state has never been so visible to anyone else in public life.  During the last years of his presidency, Woodrow Wilson had a stroke, and his wife served as the intermediary between him and Congress. But there was no evidence Wilson was mentally impaired.

Since then, no president has been so visibly unbalanced, This created a major journalistic problem: Should the media respect the office, but disparage the president? Or, should it just pretend this is the “new normal”?

The media has still not decided how to cover him. As a former reality show TV host, the media, including CNN chief Jeff Zucker, have admitted they used Trump as a cheap source to generate ratings. Trump’s rallies served as cheap productions for the networks since they were paid for by American taxpayers while simultaneously generating large profits for FOX, CNN, and MSNBC.

But, as we know, what is suitable for the media is not good for American voters and democracy.

Time to Admit the Truth

The media must admit that Trump has mental problems. He also has been a sociopath his whole adult life.  This is readily visible to any thinking American. It is why Trump has never worked for anyone else and why he would not be appointed to the board of any respectable corporation after he leaves office.

He, his family, advisors, and Republican fellow travelers all know this. This situation also explains the unprecedented amount of public graft and diverting public funds into his private companies. The Trump clan knows this is their last hurrah, so they are milking it every day for all it is worth, without any interference from Republicans, many of whom are also on his larcenous bandwagon.

So whether it is a fantasy hurricane map or telling 2,000 lies, it all stems from the same man. In light of this unprecedented situation, the media should reconsider its news coverage model. They have to realize that the Commander-in-Chief is closer to Dr. Strangelove than Abe Lincoln.

Many political news shows on MSNBC and CNN would better serve the public if they showed reruns of the Three Stooges, Lassie, or Sargeant Bilko instead of repeating the same, tired news format that does not contain much that is new. I suspect the producers already know this, which explains why they overuse the “Breaking News” headline when they repeat the news that is days old.  At least with these old re-runs, Americans knew they were watching legitimate entertainment, not the low-class, criminal reality show that is now devastating our democracy.

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Chuck Epstein has managed marketing communications and public relations departments for major global financial institutions and participated in the launch of industry-changing financial products. He also has written by-lined articles for over 50 publications, five books and served as editor and publisher of nation’s first newsletter on the topic of using the PC for personal investing and trading. (“Investing Online, 1994-1999). He also is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on topics related to investor protection and opportunities in the very dynamic cannabis industry. He has held senior-level marketing, PR and communications positions at the New York Futures Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Lind-Waldock, Zacks Investment Research, Russell Investments and Principal Financial. He has won national awards from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) and his web site, www.mutualfundreform.com, was named best small blog in 2009 by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).


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