Progressive Don’t Despair Sanders-Warren and Biden Tied With 596 Delegates Each






Progressives take note: the Sanders-Warren combined delegate count now is very much alive, and potentially growing with the pending California vote tally.

Sanders and Warren have a combined delegate count of 596. This is tied with Biden’s count of 596, according to the Associated Press.

For some reason, the media is not using simple addition to present the case that the progressive agenda has huge momentum. Maybe the anchors at MSNBC and CNN want to ignore this, but Sanders and Warren are both progressives.

While the media stress their differences and use dubious financial projections that social program will cost trillions without taking into account cuts in the military budget and government waste, the anchors will talk ad nauseum about what everyone knows, their role is to denigrate the progressive message as evidenced by Chris Mathews and the very forgettable Michael Smerconish of CNN.

This means the progressive message cannot be ignored, especially with the California vote count still pending. If California gives a majority to Sanders, he will have the delegates and money to make the most powerful progressive stance since the 1948 Democratic convention.

So, do not despair. The race is tight, but not over. The stakes are high. This is a rare public display of the range of political choices Americans have in 2020.

But, if young people, minorities and older Americans who want real changes that benefit their own pocketbooks and lives fail to vote, it all means nothing.

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