25 Jun 2020

Time to Declare War on the Carried Interest Tax Loophole

Three of the most predatory and lucrative investment categories that victimize millions of Americans and evade their respective tax responsibilities all have a common denominator: the esoteric tax loophole known as carried interest. Now, it is time to close it. This tax loophole is the most protected in the collected

05 Mar 2020

Progressive Don’t Despair Sanders-Warren and Biden Tied With 596 Delegates Each

        Progressives take note: the Sanders-Warren combined delegate count now is very much alive, and potentially growing with the pending California vote tally. Sanders and Warren have a combined delegate count of 596. This is tied with Biden’s count of 596, according to the Associated Press. For

05 Mar 2020

Warren Still Sounds Like A Progressive, But Why the Drama?

      There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren has a very strong progressive platform.  Yet while her strong positions on curtailing the excesses of Wall Street and pay-to-play Washington, plans to tax wealth and regulate large corporations, remain, the big question is why is she waiting to endorse

13 Jan 2020

Why the Anti-Woman Smear Against Bernie Makes No Sense

    Voters can tell the primary in Iowa is getting very tight based on the amount of mud-slinging.  But, based on the latest smear against Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders in the upcoming Iowa caucus, we can see that the allegations make no sense and were designed to detract from

10 Dec 2019

Mayor Pete is Taking Corporate Money and Is Proud of It

  It’s no secret that Mayor Pete is a corporate, conservative Democrat and believes that large corporate donations will continue to fuel his campaign. In a recent interview, he said the following in a discussion with a student at an Iowa university, as reported in The Independent newspaper: “Pete Buttigieg implied

19 Nov 2019

Obama Goes From “Yes We Can” To “No We Can’t”

      One indicator that the Democratic Party is very tepid about making the needed changes to the current broken political, economic, health care and judicial systems has now come directly from former President Barak Obama. In a Nov. 17, 2019 speech before wealthy donors in Washington DC, Obama

05 Nov 2019

Carried Interest Helps Explain Jones’ Buttigieg Endorsement

  Nothing smacks of self-interest better than a rich person trying to defend their wealth. Self-interest is as old as human and animal DNA, so it is no surprise that it’s still a paramount concern today. It also is no surprise that self-interest among the very rich plays a role

30 Jul 2019

Progressives Have the New Ideas in Tonight’s Dem Debate

      This evening’s second Democrat presidential debate will feature the two leading progressive candidates against other more conservative contenders on a range of policy issues. But the progressives–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren–have set the direction for the policies being addressed by the others, especially in the areas of

21 Feb 2019

Dems Should Expect Vicious Attacks From Republican Forces

“I am running for president, but this won’t be easy. We’ll be taking on the entire financial establishment and a corporate media who have long dismissed us and our ideas as ‘radical’ and ‘fringe.’” –Bernie Sanders (Ind-VT) and Democratic Presidential Candidate       Bernie Sanders is a clear, direct

28 Aug 2018

College Students Get a Lesson in Corruption

Making tuition loans to college students is a huge business. Some $1.5 trillion in loans are outstanding to student borrowers and some of these loans have been flagged for being abusive in terms of bad disclosure or aggressive collection practices from loan servicers and debt collectors. College tuition debt now