Progressives Must Monitor Biden’s Appointments


President-elect Joe Biden has a full agenda and he is now making his initial appointments to key positions and in a few weeks, he will make his cabinet post announcements

While progressives should watch these announcements carefully. The people he appoints will be an indication of how his administration will tilt politically in the years ahead.

One recent appointment to his transition team, however, has received some complaints from environmentalists, including one of the leaders in this field.

In this CNN interview, environmentalist Erin Brockovich, the real person behind the movie of the same title, says she is very concerned about a Biden appointment, Michael McCabe, a former Du Pont lobbyist in the 2000s, to have a role in the Us Department of Environmental Protection.  As a lobbyist, McCabe defended the use of a deadly chemical nationwide while being a Du Pont lobbyist.

This appointment is so bad that she said it is like “letting the fox into the henhouse.”

In this CNN interview, she explains her rationale. 

But corporate lobbyists who are on the wrong side of pro-individual or pro-social political movements have already shown they value money more than social or environmental justice.

Giving them any role in a Biden administration should set off alarms in the progressive community.


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