12 Feb 2020

Trump’s Pathological Vendettas Against His Critics Have Been Evident For Years

      (A version of this article was posted on this site on June 4, 2016.) Trump’s vicious vendettas against all of his critics are part of his sociopathic pathology. Even worse, it goes back for decades. His public humiliations of the government officials who testified against him in

30 Apr 2019

What the 2020 Election is All About: How Much Corruption Will Americans Tolerate?

          The Democrats are fielding 20 presidential candidates, each with positions on critical issues ranging from job creation to deal with the environment. But underlying all their positions is a central issue to any democracy: How much corruption can the nation handle? Americans are suffering through

27 Aug 2015

When Politicians Become Made Men

When politicians are in office, they see the huge money luring them to vote in a certain direction. When they leave office, they are free to more openly pursue that huge money. All they need to do is shed the veneer of respectability. When they openly take the money and