The Silence is Deafening as Two Republicans Attend White Supremacist Event


When Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona spoke at a white supremacist event in Orlando, Florida, organized by White nationalist Nick Fuentes, only three Republicans criticized their participation.

Why only three Republicans?

The answer: Other Republicans are on the sidelines because they either don’t have the backbone to criticize them or because they want to see how the ratings of Greene and Gosar move after their pathetic appearances.

The three Republicans who know right from wrong are Senator Mitt Romney, Senator Liz Cheney. and Rep. Adam  Kinzinger. The rest of the Republicans in Congress (209 of them)  are either conferring with their financial sponsors or right-wing advisors about how they can financially or politically benefit from affiliating themselves with the right-wingers.

The America First event is a continuation of the isolationist, nativist, anti-Semitic movement from the late 1930s that prevented the US from entering the war against the Nazis, even as it was evident that Nazis were murdering civilians and invading sovereign nations, and bombing Great Britain.

The America First movement affiliated with the American Nazis to hold a rally in Madison Square Garden on Feb. 20, 1939.  As this video shows, some 20,000 people attended, complete with using the Nazi salute and marching in military formation.

As this video shows, this perverted event had a huge portrait of George Washington, a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner,  and its speakers appealed to “American patriots.” It called for a “gentile control of labor unions free of Jewish controlled Moscow-domination.”

Flash forward to February 2022, and things have not changed in the Republican Party. It’s not that two mental outliers like Greene and Gosar attended the Nazi-like event. It is that the Republicans, who sloganize that they love liberty and freedom, as well as no regulations and taxes, were tacitly supporting Gosar and Greene by remaining silent.

Republicans Finally Show Their True Colors

Since not making a decision is a form of making a decision, we can assume that any Republican in Congress who is silent when two of its members endorse a racist, anti-semitic platform, actually endorses their actions and beliefs. 

The good news is that this means the Republicans are finally out of the closet in terms of what they support: a white Christian America. This is the final explanation for their voter suppression efforts, and other actions to keep people financially oppressed. An indebted, oppressed workforce is too busy paying bills and working to become politically active. Keeping these same people uninformed or misinformed about their right to vote further weakens their ability to participate in elections.

And since there are more Democrats than Republicans in the US, manipulating the electoral college and voting districts and the courts are the final nails in the coffin of keeping a minority party–the Republicans– power.

So, we should not be surprised to see Republicans become inert and hiding in the shadows as they let Greene and Gosar express what most elected Republicans are saying in private. The America First party of the late-1930s paved the way for isolationism and the rise of Hitler.  In 2022, they are working to support Putin, and the Russian and American oligarchs led by Trump.

History repeats itself. it’s too bad the America Firsters had their filthy meeting in Orlando, the home of America’s largest fantasy parks.

It is also no coincidence that this meeting was in Florida, the home of Trump sycophants Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and Rep. Matt Gaetz. No doubt Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also had a few representatives in the crowd.

Trump and his friends in Congress have made Florida the home of white-collar criminals and political extremists. It’s too bad the snowbirds and retirees just focus on the weather, and not the political climate.


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