The Citizens of Ukraine are Tougher than Americans


The Ukrainian people are tougher than Americans. No doubt.

Today, the wimpy Dems and the traitorous Republicans are doing nothing to help the Ukrainians.

This is certainly not a new development.  This is a repeat of what happened in the late-1930s when the Nazis were preparing to invade neighboring nations in the full-scale buildup to WW II.

At that same time in the US, the America First Party, the pro-Nazis Henry Ford, Father Coughlin, and the anti-war rural Republicans. All these people and groups opposed US entry into WW II.

Nor were these people and groups ashamed of their isolationism when it was very evident of the barbaric war the Nazis were conducting in Europe.

To show their public undiluted support for the Nazis, the American Nazi Party held a rally in Madison Square Garden that attracted 20,000 people on Feb. 20, 1939, showing the extent of support Americans had for barbaric Fascism in Europe.

As this video shows, this perverted event had a huge portrait of George Washington, a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner,  and its speakers appealed to “American patriots.” It called for a “gentile control of labor unions free of Jewish controlled Moscow-domination.”

As the video shows, while the rally was happening, the Nazis were finishing construction of their sixth concentration camp and only six months later, the Nazis invaded Poland. This was the start of World War II.

Russian Invasion Looks Too Similar to WWII

Is the invasion of Ukraine too similar to the Nazi expansion into sovereign nations in Europe? Some experts say it is. 

The indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas using high-powered missiles and bombs. The targetting of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zalinsky, who is Jewish, for assassination, combined with Putin’s threat to kill the families of Ukrainian soldiers, are all aimed at total domination of a free nation.

So, while the US is threatening monetary sanctions at such a late stage in the invasion, its effect will not affect the top Russian leaders.  The Russian oligarchs, like their American counterparts, have been experts in money laundering and tax evasion for decades. Their assets will be unaffected by the sanctions described so far.

This means the comparison to Neville Chamberlin, capitulation to Hitler, and passive responses to tyrants is valid. What happened in the late-1930s is too similar and is playing out in a more compressed time frame in 2022. But, what is the same is the tepid response from world leaders.

History can repeat itself.

If it wasn’t for Pearl Harbor, the USA probably would never have entered the war against the Nazis. Read your history: The Republicans have a long history of isolationism and America-First, and they persist in holding this policy in the new world of globalism. Their old, outdated policy still persists, and we will see its destructive impact unfold in the months ahead.

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