Trump’s MAGA-NAZI Fascist Plan is Another Warning to Americans


Watch this video

Watch this video to see Trump’s plan for what he will do to his opponents, including immigrants, people who have prosecuted him, and people he does not like.

Fascists love violence and see it as morally righteous, and they use dehumanizing language to legitimize their criminal ways.

This is what Hitler and Mussolini did to regain power, but they both started the “vermin” analogy in the mid-1920s. This dangerous rhetoric has a distinctively fascist history. Americans should beware.

Trump is a convicted criminal and faces 90 indictments. He is terrified of going to jail, so his fascist position is designed to make him rich, make him a dictator, and keep him in office for as long as he lives.

Worse, he is being enabled by millions of supporters who are already being recruited to fill the jobs of federal workers unless they take a loyalty oath to Trump. This plan is called the Project 2025 plan.  Read about it here. It is all being spelled out to Americans and too many people are not paying attention.



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