White House Pushes Anti-Semitic Posts


One of the most difficult discussions today among Jewish groups today is how much is the Trump White House involved in promoting anti-Semitic themes?

This is a difficult discussion for national Jewish groups since the largest contributor to Trump is Sheldon Adelson and many members of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The discussion is painful since the rise in anti-Semitic incidents is increasing under the Trump administration, yet so is the amount of money being contributed by wealthy Jewish donors to Trump and the Republican Party via the Republican Jewish Coalition, as described in this story on this web site.

However, sooner or later, the national Jewish groups will have to face this reality and evaluate how these contributions to Trump are fueling racial and religious hatred nationally.  This discussion cannot be avoided because there is a definite link.  The problem is that many of the large donors to Trump are also on a first-name basis with many leaders of national Jewish groups. Many of these same Republican donors to Trump are also generous donors to Jewish causes, which will make this inevitable discussion even more sensitive.

White House Says Chabad House Has Role in Antifa

In the latest news, the Jewish News of Northern California posted a story, “White House amplifies rumors that LA Chabad  is fueling ‘antifa and professional anarchists.’  The Chabad house had installed barriers in front of its building, but in the misinformation campaign, the barriers were characterized as places for rocks to be stored during the protest. The Trump White House repeated the false claim as part of their efforts to says the rioters were anti-Trump protestors.


The White House picked up on this rumor. According to Arieh Kovler in a Twitter Post, “The White House is falsely claiming that the anti-ramming security barriers outside the Chabad Jewish community centre in Sherman Oaks are actually weapons placed by “Antifa and professional anarchists”.

The Jewish News also said “The White House deleted the video from its Facebook and Twitter pages Wednesday afternoon, several hours after Arieh Kovler, a Buzzfeed News reporter who has written about misinformation about building supplies being plants by looters, called attention to it.

“Kovler’s screenshot of the White House tweet indicates that 6,200 people had “liked” it an hour after it went up. Chabad of Sherman Oaks’ clarifying post, in contrast, elicited just 143 reactions, not all likes, in more than two days.”  If anything, the number of people who liked the Chabad-riot post got 6,200 likes. This is evidence, however strong, that the Trump White House is attracting people with a predisposition against Jews.

James Woods Jumps Into into the Anti-Soros Act

And not to be outdone for all you film fans, here is a disjointed and disturbing post from former actor James Wood who once again shows that actors without scripts can be really stupid. and prejudiced.

Woods mentions Soros because he has been created as the old foreign, wealthy, socialist from Europe who is wealthy enough to be a master manipulator. FOX and the right-wing media targetted him years ago for this role and it still sticks because he is Jewish and largely silent. This makes him the perfect target for all types of right-wing conspiracy theories.

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