14 Apr 2020

Hedge Funds Claim They Are “Small Businesses” to Get COVID Bailout Money

There is a great scene in the movie “Titanic” when the chairman of the White Star Steamship Company, J. Bruce Ismay, the heir to the family that owned the Titanic, sneaks into a lifeboat that was reserved for women and children.  In the movie, Ismay pushes past one of the

06 Apr 2020

Hedge Funds Push for Access to COVID Bailout Money

  When the federal government creates a huge program that offers loans to large segments of the population, it will also attract a disproportionate number of opportunists, fraudsters and white-collar criminals. The current $2 trillion bailout, the first in what is expected to be a number of federal loan programs

05 Nov 2019

Carried Interest Helps Explain Jones’ Buttigieg Endorsement

  Nothing smacks of self-interest better than a rich person trying to defend their wealth. Self-interest is as old as human and animal DNA, so it is no surprise that it’s still a paramount concern today. It also is no surprise that self-interest among the very rich plays a role

06 Mar 2019

Wall Street’s Shady Financial Activities Still Continue

      Some of the biggest financial institutions and trading firms on Wall Street are incorrigible. A decade after the 2008 market crash, some of Wall Street’s largest trading firms continue to operate in the shadows, manipulate markets and re-write the rules of swaps payments when they have the

30 Dec 2015

Hedge Funds Push Conservative Candidates to Maintain Their Edge

When you are a master of the universe, you have to make sure your place on earth is secure. That’s why the nation’s largest hedge funds have been pushing the odds, gaming the system, working to get the edge and hedging their bets to get the most bang for their

26 Apr 2013

Hedge Funds Also Charge High Fees, But Fail To Beat the S&P 500 Index

There is more bad news for hedge funds, which saw $1 trillion in redemptions in 2007-2008. A new study in Alpha magazine study shows there is more good reason to question hedge funds. The reason: Most do not even beat the S&P 500 index. Plus, the managers also don’t pay