The Worst is Yet To Come, Hedges Says in New Interview


The US is unprepared to beat back the current COVID-19 crisis and its complicated problems.  This is not surprising since the national problems the COVID crisis revealed are just a continuation of bad policies and lethargic political leadership that gave us the sociopath Trump in the last election.

                Chris Hedges

Worse, the Democrats don’t have any big solutions because they are not the party of big ideas. They have been part of the problem since Bill Clinton and the rise of neoliberalism. Then, they passed the country along to George Bush, who invaded the wrong country (Iraq) after 9-11-2001, which created the most significant refugee problem since WWII.

The world is still reeling from the refugee crisis, and it has created political and social instability in nations that have never had refugee problems before (Australia and New Zealand). Nationalism and ethnic strife, the result of global warming, are all in the press every day, but the mainstream Democrats have not elevated it to a top priority.

Back in the US,  41% of Americans don’t have $1,000 in savings to cover unexpected expenses, according to a survey by Bankrate.  Income inequality is the greatest since before the Great Depression.

But that is all old news.  That information should be known to anyone who is politically astute in 2020.

However, in this new essay by award-winning journalist Chris Hedges, he adds to this sad scenario and says that the worst is yet to come. If Trump is defeated, the Democrats won’t have the far-reaching solutions or energy to make the needed changes the world needs.  Here is the essay that should be brought to the attention of Progressives and any traditional Democrats who have a sinking feeling that although Biden is the nominee, he doesn’t have the energy or will to create a cabinet of more intelligent, energetic people to execute the needed policies.

Here is the essay link.



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