19 Nov 2019

Millennials Suffer Another Big Blow Towards Building Retirement Wealth

    First, there was significant student debt, then jobs that didn’t pay a living wage,  job insecurity and the rise of the gig economy. The net effect of all these factors is that millennials now say they will be renters for years, some say forever. Even worse,  this will

12 Jun 2018

Some Lucky Teachers Getting Extra Credit for Home Subsidies

  During the summer, teacher strikes in West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky all focused on issues relating to pay and benefits, but one important factor was also addressed: Teachers working full time cannot afford to buy or rent homes near where they work. This is especially true in school

17 Nov 2016

How Bannon Capitalized on Unpunished Housing Fraud and Helped Trump Win

[sgmb id=”2″] In an earlier post on this site, the case was made that the American public was outraged that no one went to jail for the systematic housing fraud that happened starting in 2005 and precipitated the worst recession since the Great Depression. The resulting recession wiped out over

09 Nov 2016

How Unpunished Housing Fraud Helped Trump Win

[sgmb id=”2″] The long arm of revenge has finally been felt by the Democrat Party. This is because the ongoing autopsy of the 2016 presidential election will find many real culprits, including the Democratic National Committee’s efforts to derail Bernie Sanders and bad campaign decisions by Clinton, but the festering one

22 Sep 2015

More Renters Erodes the Wealth Creation Potential for Millions of Americans

When there are more people renting apartments or homes, it reduces the opportunities to build wealth, according to some of the basic rules of financial planning. The latest statistics show that the historic increase in the number of people renting a place to live, as opposed to buying a dwelling,

31 Jul 2015

How the Decline in Housing Wealth Affects Financial Planning

The unprecedented decline in housing prices suffered as a result of the 2008 recession is still significantly affecting retirement wealth, but it also has great far-reaching implications for the future of retirement planning. The reason: home ownership is the main engine for generating retirement wealth for most Americans. Housing wealth exceeds